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the people you have met

the places you have seen

and the memories you made

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We Suggest Staying in Historic Homes and Castles, Abbys,
Transformed Churches, B&Bs and Newstyle Hostels

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Find Out of the Way Attractions
and Meet Special People


embrace moments of splendid solitude

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Indulge in Epic and Off Beat Local Events

Cities in Europe


arc de triompheBranded Cities are cities that enjoy a “brand recognition” all over the world. Whether from movies, TV series, International News highlights or Travel Websites, Branded Cities have become iconic destinations for travelers.

During our 2016 Three months trip to Europe we extensively visited and toured the following list of cities:

• Amsterdam

• Antwerp


• Berlin

• Brussels

• Budapest

• Cannes

• Dublin

• Florence

• Genoa

• Heidelberg

• Lisbon

• London

• Prague

• Madrid

• Rome

• Rotterdam

• Salzburg

• The Hague

• Venice

• Vienna

These cities represent a multi-ethnic, cultural diversification, culinary extravagance and historical highlights that in some cases reach back several millenia. Their atmosphere is international yet they all offer a distinct local flavor. You will not only learn about Europe’s fascinating history, you will also immerse yourself into its artistry, architecture, culinary delights and folklore, mostly off the beaten path. Of course these are only snippets of an intriguing and often unusual itinerary that could only be prepared by local insiders.

Most branded cities in the world (Except maybe Las Vegas) have a direct and very essential connection with water, whether it be a river, lake, sea or ocean. Be prepared for any of our City tour suggestions to include a boatride, because seen from the water, cities look and feel quite different. Historically the river, lake or ocean was the lifeline for a settlement to grow into a city.


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