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The best things in life are

the people you have met

the places you have seen

and the memories you made

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We Suggest Staying in Historic Homes and Castles, Abbys,
Transformed Churches, B&Bs and Newstyle Hostels

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Find Out of the Way Attractions
and Meet Special People


embrace moments of splendid solitude

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Why settle for ordinary? Choose Extraordinary Travel

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Mar 022015

Italy from the Int'l Space Station This night picture of Italy was taken from the International Space Station, some 220 miles up in the sky. The sight is not your typical ordinary, every day one. It definitely subscribes to the extra ordinary experiences in life. It also subscribes how our guided tours introduce you to taste, see, touch and hear the truly extraordinary experience.

Why settle for ordinary?
Sure you can do the small things and the must-see sites of a city or destination, checking off the boxes and getting a glimpse of what everyone always says to visit and see, but we like to go much deeper than that.

Why? … because we know the cities, regions and its people like the backs of our hands!
Flower street in GreeceWe’re not about taking a quick picture through the window of your car or motor car, for you to forget until you see it once again when you’re back home. We’re about feeding you the story in its entirety. We stop, we touch, we smell, we taste and we bring you to the stories that make for a once-in-a-lifetime-encounter.
We want to share with you our people, and extent a personal invitation into our home.
How you see the world matters a lot…

Never settle for ordinary. Travel in good company with people who know your name; Travel with locals. Locals know how to avoid long lines…know the truly unique sites, the best food and beers and wines, and live music in unexpected corners…and pick up interesting stories that will create lifelong memories.

Leave your worries at home. And see the world with your eyes wide open. Get what you pay for… and then some.
Twitter backgroundTraveling with the guidance of American Travelers Club is what being alive is all about. It’s action packed, yet relaxing, educational, eye opening and invigorating with so many personal and group highlights that you can fill a diary of amazing moments. Traveling our suggested itineraries creates a lifetime experience you remember vividly decades from now.

Traveling Internationally? Don’t Forget Your Cell Phone

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Sep 162014
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Florence’s Duomo in the background of a selfie

While traveling is meant for you to unwind and rid yourself of everyday stress, you will still need to call home and check in on everyone occasionally. So how do you do this without breaking the bank? Here are a few simple suggestions.


Each carrier has different rules that apply to International Travels. Be sure you are aware of the fees and charges as well as the tower capability in the country you are landing in. Some carriers Continue reading »