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Americans Travel Different Than Most Other Nationalities

The difference most often lies in the fact that a “vacation in the US means the short time away from work, in which to either pack many impressions of other cultures, architectures and food experiences, or a pampered resort getaway from the stress of life and work on a beach or a cruise ship.

While average annual vacation time for Europeans is anywhere from 20 to 35 days, in America this is often no more than 15 to 20 days. This obviously lacks the opportunity to really dive into a culture and has led to the rise of all inclusive “action-packed” vacation packages. These completely organized itineraries include air travel, resorts, attractions, food and ambiance, down to the tips for the travel suppliers. Just sit back and enjoy!

Obviously there is a growing market for these “off the shelf” vacation packages, as it should. The fast growing number of retiring baby boomers who can afford these travel itineraries look for safety in numbers and pampered accommodations.

But…have you ever wondered how it would be to travel like a local? Locals know how to avoid long lines…unique sites…where the best food is served, lively entertainment with music in unexpected corners (and at fantastic prices)…and pick up interesting stories that create lifelong memories. There’s so much more to travel than the high thread count of your sheets or gold-plated utensils and Hutschenreuther dinnerware.

European Summer Trip 2016

Before our three months long discovery trip to Europe in the spring of 2016, our plan had been to make arrangements and develop packages to the various “Old Country” destinations with tri-city itineraries and theme-packed action.

Within three days of arriving in Brussels with a direct flight out of Sanford Orlando on May 25, we concluded that this approach would never work, even if our packages would span 10 to 15 destination days.

Why? The Answer is Jetlag!

In your twenties, thirties and maybe even forties, jetlag may only slightly affect most travelers, ready and excited to take on a travel itinerary the day after arrival. But that picture changes quickly when you reach the “Golden Years” and you need a minimum of three days to get slowly used to a 6 hour time difference. Even with the best tips to overcome jetlag, it takes 72 hours to refresh completely enough to enjoy your stay.

Our kind of travel takes you to places you never knew existed and do things you never thought you would get the opportunity to do. It’s a feeling of freedom. A feeling of exuberance. A feeling like you don’t need a watch or a wallet and you haven’t a care in the world. Wherever we travel, we delve deep into the heart of the local culture; your meals are some of the best in your life, and you relax every bit as wonderful. Yet… this merely sets the stage for the magical, words defying part of ATC —the moments of discovery—and self-discovery— that you’ll never, ever forget.

Are you starting to get the picture?

Traveling gives you the education what being alive is all about. Action packed, yet relaxing, educational, eye opening and invigorating with so many impressions that you can fill a diary of amazing moments. Our suggestions and tips are built on unmatched local knowledge of history, food culture, music and arts and contacts that stretch over decades of presence on the ground.

What Next Year Brings.

2016 was our year to expand our North American and European travel experiences, as we crossed from the Atlantic Seaboard to the Pacific Shores and back, on different Latitudes North-South, visiting many cities and attractions, while also visiting 9 West and Central European countries. Towards the end of the year we tasted cruising the Caribbean to get ready for 2017, which has the mysterious and exciting Cuba on the roster for early February. Stay tuned.

Johan Ramakers and TJ Seaton

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